Water Storage

We provide a vast array of water storage tanks in both types and sizes. Bolted steel, fiberglass, high-density polyethylene, and bladder storage are a few of the most common, and they can range from 1,000 gallons to 500,000+ gallons.

Quality water storage is very important to us, and that is why we go use a thorough vetting process when choosing manufactures. Water tanks that we provide must be quality.

Our experience in water storage, as well as our team of in-house engineers, also help determine our product line.

Our crews are experienced with installing water storage tanks. We are highly capable of working with engineered designs, project managers, timelines, and delivery schedules. We know that you are working to complete a project, we want to make sure that the water storage component is handled with extreme quality and excellence.

We can give consultation on what type of tank would work best, or if you have a project plan with indicated specs, we can provide the storage requested.

Quality of Carbon Steel Water Storage

We use high-quality raw materials, which meet or exceed the requirements of relevant tank design standards and applicable International Standards e.g. AWWA D103-09, EN 10025, EN 10149, ASTM A1011 etc.

We provide clients and distributors with an engineered solution that will meet and exceed their specifications which encompasses tanks that embed into the concrete foundation, have a steel panel bolted floor, or mount to the foundational sub straight that is provided and designed by others. The tanks are manufactured with steel panels and are attached together with bolts.

The tank is either sealed with mastic on the vertical and horizontal panel seams or lined with a PVC liner that is fixed to the top of the tank through reinforced eyelets. Tanks with liners use polyester geo-textile matting, which is placed on the tank floor and walls to protect the liner from damage during installation and use. Our tanks typically use a roof that has two layers of a trough, drain, and ridge design (TDR) which sandwich a ridged insulation form-board membrane that is supported by galvanized ‘Z’ and ‘C’ purlins and finished with flashing. Tanks may also be designed to use geodesic aluminum dome roofs

Carbon Steel Water Storage Tanks

We provide carbon steel bolted tanks are suited to tough environments where dependability is a vital characteristic. They can withstand the extremes of the environment in any urban, rural, or remote location.

The modular design principle of the tank kits offers ease of transport and assembly at site with the adaptation to use added immersion heaters, insulation kits, and numerous other accessories. The bolted nature of the tanks allows them to be built very quickly when compared to welded or concrete structures. It also allows the existing tanks to be unbolted and moved on to new locations when required, significantly increasing asset value.

Engineered designs will accommodate secure tank storage for local environmental conditions, such as high wind speeds, snow or seismic loads. The bolted tank and silo system allows structural designs to be used in various configurations including water storage reservoirs, water standpipes, and elevated water distribution tanks.

Our carbon bolted steel tanks have several additional advantages:

  • Provides a high degree of protection to the tank for a large range of industrial processes
  • High corrosion resistance with the modular nature of the tank build give clients significant benefits in containment security, build times and life-time costs.
  • High degree of variability in the effluent from industrial sources

Fiberglass Water Storage Tanks

  • Watertight
  • Secondary containment around full circumference of tank
  • Corrosion-resistant inside and out
  • 100% premium resin and fiberglass (no fillers)
  • Available in underground and aboveground models
  • Available in single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall models
  • Designed to withstand surface H-20 and HS-20 axle loads
  • Flexible design options to accept pumps, filters and calming inlets
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Variety of accessories available
  • Not limited by burial depth or water table
  • Available in capacities up to 60,000 gallons in the US

Rainwater Resources™ Water Storage Photos

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