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Our Story

Over 15 years ago we established a water conditioning and purification business, PerfectWater™, providing creative solutions to impaired water quality.  It continues today with over 3,000 customers.  Rainwater Resources™ is a logical evolution of that Knoxville based water treatment business. The best water quality we reasoned is distilled naturally and falls from the sky as rain.  Could we establish a service to capture that liquid asset?  After over 30 years in the water business our President, Denis Rochat said yes.

In committing to operate Rainwater Resources™ simultaneous with the conditioning business, the Rochat family vertically integrated the two services in a single quantum leap. From roof capture to consumption, rainwater, as chemical free potable water, is assured.  And though the rain barrel is a historic symbol of our business, what we offer is engineered, scalable, systems appropriate for single family homes or millions of square feet of commercial roofs. Be it catchment, conveyance, or storage we incorporate the best technology available today.

What sets us apart is how we evolved and who we are. Denis Rochat entered the water treatment/conditioning business as a salesman over 30 years ago traveling across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Over time he saw that all technology was not created equal nor was all service. By 1997 Denis and his wife Mary committed to realize their vision of excellence as a family business. The Rochat’s founded PerfectWater™, in Denis’ hometown, Knoxville, TN. Today they have a reputation for water quality problem solving and responsive, high quality service. They have pioneered rainwater harvesting in East Tennessee, designing and installing the first government permitted, potable rainwater water system in Knoxville. Our many years of experience in the water business help us to give better, less expensive, and faster solutions to our clients

From vendor to client our main rule is the Golden Rule. We strive to be sure that our clients always enjoy the relationship. It’s our responsibility to respond quickly and always treat our clients with respect and fairness.

Our field personnel must become certified within 1 year of employment. We have found that the added knowledge and continuing education requirements of Certification adds value for our clients by providing spot on recommendations and quotations, professional installations, and one stop efficient service.

Rainwater Resources™ is a member of USGBC (US Green Building Council – Knoxville Chapter), WQA (Water Quality Association), ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) , Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville (HBAGK) and The Tennessee Stormwater Association.