Rainwater Resources installs another residential, rainwater harvesting system. Located in West Hills, Knoxville this eight year old home is adding to its repertoire of sustainability its own water system. General household and potable water will be supplied. The system will yield appx 80,000 gallons of water annually, close to the family’s annual usage.

Utilizing imported German engineered, gravity powered, pre-filtration the rainwater enters 5100 gallons of underground storage. The stored water will remain clear and free of odor and color. It is them pumped to house after complete sanitizing in the state of the art filtration and purification system. It incorporates an automated crossover system to municipal water in the event of a drought condition. The required backflow prevention device is installed to protect against mixing an alternative water source into the controlled municipal water system.

Municipal water is convenient. Turn on the fixture or appliance and wala – water! Rainwater Resources exclusive 10 step process assures the same convenience as long as normal rainfall occurs. This water is freshly fallen from nature’s big distiller in the sky. It si free of metals and minerals, naturally soft. After processing through fine filtration and chemical free purification it is free of organic contaminants and microbiologically safe.

Rainwater is great water! Celebrate the rain!