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Colorado Struggles with Lowering River Basin

The Colorado River Basin: Where the reality of water stress collides with public policy   ShutterstockKavram Lake Powell, the scenic huge artificial water basin of the Colorado River. I was at a breakfast business meeting in Denver a couple of weeks ago and the...

Rainwater Harvesting for Sustainable Agriculture

Water is an important resource that is used in our daily lives. It used in vitally important sectors of the economy, such as the agriculture sector. Farmers use water to grow crops. Not only is water used to grow crops, it is also used to process agricultural products...

Coca-Cola’s Sustainability in Water Replenishment

At a time when even the 1 percent of the globe’s water supply that is fresh is under threat and when water crises have been deemed the biggest risk to global security, the world’s largest beverage company and voracious water user manages to replenish all the water it...

The Cost of Water

This article by Monique Dobus from GreenBiz covers the true cost of water and gives some great conservation recommendations when it comes to water. However, it does not cover one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to save money with water: rainwater...

Rainwater Harvesting Process Video

Rainwater ResourcesTM Rainwater Harvesting Process Video Learn more about rainwater harvesting and how Rainwater ResourcesTM can bring innovative solutions for many applications: Commercial or Industrial Processes Agriculture Irrigation Laundry Indoor Potable Use...


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