This residence was a one year old home with a very bad sulfur well. At the time we were contacted by the homeowner she had already invested several thousands of dollars in a well water treatment system that did not work. She was tired of dealing with it and simply wanted to be able to enjoy her new home without the terrible odor. Access to municipal water was not an option.

The Rainwater Resources™ system was installed to be the primary water supply to the home. Collection area is a 2,700 square foot asphalt shingle roof. On average this system will collect 75,600 gallons of water annually.

Conveyance was installed from each downspout, routed underground, to an underground Wisy™ Vortex filter. The Wisy™ vortex filter works as a first flush diverter as well as provides 280 micron filtration and highly oxygenates the water. The conveyance continued to the underground storage tank where the water is introduced through a Wisy™ Smoothing Inlet into a 2,500 gallon Den Hertog storage tank.

Water is pressurized to the household distribution system by a constant pressure submersible pump contained inside the tank. Water enters the pump through a Wisy™ Floating Filter intake. Potable water filtration/purification is provided by high quality sediment and carbon filtration before entering the Ultra Violet (UV) disinfecting system. The UV system includes a lamp-out solenoid which will automatically shut off the water should a lamp outage, or other error, occur on the disinfecting system.

This system also includes a wireless liquid level indicator so that the homeowner can know available gallons of water.

Rainwater harvesting has proven to be an excellent solution for the sole water supply of this residence. They are able to enjoy crystal clear, perfectly soft, great rainwater all throughout their home! The below ground system design made for a beautiful integration into their existing home.