Aaron and Rebecca Holwald of Franklin, TN are enjoying high quality rainwater for general purpose and drinking water every day in their beautiful new home.

The annual rainfall in Franklin, TN is approximately 51 inches. The building site, some distance from municipal water, might have defaulted to well water.  Instead, the Howald’s informed decision was to adopt a 100% rainwater dependent supply captured from their 3000 square foot roof.  The Howald’s anticipated annual consumption of 43,200 gallons was not a high risk in that for each 1000 square foot of roof and each inch of rainfall 620 gallons of water can be captured. Their estimated annual harvesting potential was over 71,000 gallons. Moreover, capturing and using the rainwater on site met all current stormwater control provisions, a fact that greatly reduced permitting and mitigation costs.

Rainwater Resources put three 1,700 gallon Norwesco below ground cisterns for a total of 5,100 gallons of storage.  The average family uses just 9000 gallons per month.  Systems utilizing the Rainwater Resources process provide odor free, slime free, clear water based on how water is filtered and stored using our German designed Wisy™ components. Installed at critical points between the roof and cisterns, and placed within the cistern as well, these proven devices function with little maintenance and low power usage year after year after year. When combined with Ultra Violet Light sterilization, as in the Howald project, the resulting potable water is superior.  In the Howald system, rainwater, already free of chemicals and minerals is sterilized with ultra violet rays rather than chlorine.  The resultant water is free of plumbing clogging or staining contaminants. Skin and hair is enhanced, brewed beverages taste better and laundry is superbly clean, and fabrics are unstressed.