1,500 Gallons Storage




Ijams Nature Center is 300 acres of protected wildlife habitat and natural areas, located only three miles from downtown Knoxville, including 10-miles of trails, rock formations, ponds, lakes and stunning overlooks.

Hosting over 300,000 visitors annually, Ijams has dozens of outdoor educational exhibits, now including a trailside Rainwater Resources™ designed and installed system.  Ijams had an existing solar array which collected and sold power to the Tennessee Valley Authority, an attractive surface from which to capture rainfall.  Immediately adjacent to the solar array was the Center’s greenhouse and plant recovery area, both somewhat underutilized for public display.  Partnering with Ijams, the Rainwater Resources™ team suggested integrating existing elements into an educational worthy display with functional benefit for operations.

Today, “The Barrels Big Brother”, a colorful and attractive exhibit is in place taking water off 1,700 square feet of solar array into 1,500 gallons of above ground storage.  A solar powered pump provides spray irrigation inside the adjacent greenhouse and powers an ultraviolet light sanitization system.  The cistern directs excess capacity to onsite groundwater recharge by the use of a Rainwater Resources™ automatic capacity regulator. Ijams expects to capture and use 40,000 gallons per year of chlorine free, pure, natural water.