South Carolina

2,200 Gallons Storage


The Charleston County School District’s new Career and Technology Academy on 5. 2 acres of the Wando High School campus at Mt. Pleasant, SC. Completed in 2013, the 126,000 square foot facility serves approximately 600 students including those studying Horticulture. The site receives an average of 51.53 inches of rain annually. Our system collects, stores and manages rainwater from a 1,700 Sq. foot rooftop section, delivering irrigation water for horticulture projects. The system reduces water costs and decreases the environmental impact of undesired of storm water runoff.

Modest by the standards of our commercial designs, the Academy system collects 49,118 gallons of water per year, an average monthly yield is 4,093 gallons. However modest its capacity, the system design is rigorous, using components found on much larger installations. The storage and management system has a Wisy® vortex flow separator/ filter/aerator that removes the first surface wash water from the system at the outset of a new rain event (first flush).  The filtered water is then discharged to a 2200 gallon CorGal corrugated galvanized steel storage tank (a cistern). The cistern has a geotextile pre-liner and a 25 mil. flexible membrane main liner for water containment. Once in the tank, stored water is maintained odor and slime fee without chemicals by Rainwater Resources proprietary design.  A wireless level indicator provides constant storage data.

Because irrigation will be sprayed into the air on occasion, a Viqua Ultra-violet (UV) Disinfecting System is installed. In the event of a UV lamp outage an automatic shutoff is built into the design.


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