Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture Use

The System

Design / Engineering

Mechanical Center


Rainwater Storage

System Start-Up

On-Site Consultation

The Process


Roof-top capture

Pre Filtration

Oxygenation, fine filtration, and first flush


Smoothing intake, balanced output, and blodeck.

Mechanical Center

Controls, pump, filtration, and purification.

The Results


Manage Water Cost


Increase Availability


Control Quality

  • You can augment up to 90% of your water with Rainwater Harvesting. 90%

Benefits that increase profits

  • Are your municipal water rates around $7.00 per 1,000 gallons of water or higher?
  • Are your municipal water rates expected to increase to $7.00 or more per 1,000 gallons?
  • Is your well water quantity limited or restricted?
  • Is your well water quality inferior with respect to birds and evaporative cooling system?

A Rainwater Harvesting System may be very appropriate and cost-effective for your poultry farm.
—Gene Simpson, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Director National Poultry Technology Center

Four 50' x 500' Houses

Average Rainfall: 48" per year

2,691,360 gallons of water per year

Up to $25,000 per year in savings

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