Thursday, August 25, 2016

UltraAg | Agriculture

| Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture Use |
UltraAg is Rainwater Resources' agriculture oriented rainwater harvesting system design.  
Project Profile | Cullman, AL | Poultry Farm 
1 & 1/2 inches of rainfall collects this poultry farm 60 thousand gallons of rainwater.
Maximum storage. UV protective blanket. Overflow drains to 
ground recharge. Pump house equipped to fully filtrate and supply maximum pressure. 
Automatic switch valve to municipal source when low on rainwater.
  • Full System Provider
  • Pre-fabricated Pump House
  • Complete Filtration
  • 100 Thousand Gallons of Rainwater Storage (Custom built per optimal storage design)
  • Low Maintanence
  • Custom Built for Every Job
  • Gutters & Conveyance 
  • Pre-storage Filtration (280 micron)
  • Underground Conveyance
  • Overflow to Underground Recharge


                                                           Video on the UltraAg design

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